Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Gentlemen Like Us, with Pinar & Viola

Some time ago, and as part of the research work for a planned composer/artist collaboration (on which more news in a month or two),  I asked the Amsterdam based post-digital artists Pinar & Viola to create a design for a pocket square.   After some deliberation, which included their relocating to Paris, the girls came up with the desire to create a "wearable spell" and produced a wonderful design - a digital painting suffused with symbols and meaning:

Detail from the design for the spell
We did some research about how to produce handmade silk pocket handkerchiefs - including some very helpful advice from Nicholas at "Le Noeud Papillon" of Sydney, Australia - and in the end had them manufactured in California by Donnalee, a delightful hippy, or that's how I imagine her anyway.

The finished article
Last week we had a very special incantation ceremony in London at which 5 of the 7 recipients of this very special limited edition were able to join us in Gothic surroundings.

Viola casting a spell on CA, me and TF

Pinar wrote out the spells, and Viola read them to the members of the "Gentlemen Like Us" club, and then gave us each a unique, named pocket square.   And now we can't be parted from these pocket squares, which are more than just a piece of silk, they are a talisman to protect us from the world.

TF in his office, wearing his charm

AP returning from night out in town, with protection.

Me, with a private witch in my pocket
masquerading as wearable art
MT - under the spell!