Thursday, 21 March 2013

In Berlin: 1 - Nachtmusik barock

In Berlin on Sunday for a rather unusual concert at RadialSystem V - a performance space near the Ostbahnhof.

RadialSystem V from the river during the day
The concept behind the concert - "Nachtmusik barock" - is that you listen to lovely baroque music late at night in a relaxed state, this being achieved by taking your shoes off and lying on yoga mats, with your head on a soft and squashy pillow.

Sitting up from our yoga mats to clap at the end of the concert

The musicians were Ensemble Hippocampus (violin, viola da Gamba, and harpsichord) and they played a variety of music by Bach and composers who had influenced him including Froberger, Krieger, Schenck, and Biber.   The violinist, Kerstin Linder-Dewan, spoke before the concert about Bach and his times. Fortunately her German was simple enough for me mostly to understand.

My favourite part of the concert was the Chaconne for Gamba and Harpsichord  by Schenck during which I completely drifted off into a trance like state.

Getting back to Charlottenburg in the snow after the concert woke me up again quite quickly.

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