Saturday, 16 October 2010

Anna + Peter - swing project 1

On 30th September I went to the launch of Anna + Peter's new exhibition  - Swing Project 1, at frac (fonds régional d'art contemporain) in Reims. Here's the link:  frac.

I've known Peter well for 25 years.  I'd helped him set up his first art exhibition in Lyons in 1986 with our friend the photographer Trevor Key.

The pieces Anna and Peter have made are fascinating, both as objects in themselves but also as a performance piece appealing to those voyeuristic tendancies.  Watching the Reims art crowd tying themselves up in a piece made from mirrors and bondage straps, or sitting in the observation booth like purple space, I realised that the art wasn't the pieces so much as watching people interact with the pieces.

A purple box into which you can get

Excellent dinner afterwards, followed by a party. Met some very interesting people include Tom Burr, the American sculptor, who is going to be the subject of the next exhibition at frac (and also made what was I think one of the best pieces I have just seen at Frieze, shown by galerie neu).

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