Saturday, 16 October 2010

MOVE: Choreographing you

I was lucky enough to be invited to the preview of MOVE: Choreographing You at the Hayward Gallery earlier this week  It's a fascinating attempt to do something conceptually difficult, which is to curate contemporary dance works in an art gallery.   I ended up thinking that:

  • as I walked around I began to be unable to tell who were the dancers and who were the visitors, so I became acutely aware of everyone in the gallery's movements as something choreographic;
  • watching some of the dancers I began to feel that I too was immersively part of the dance - it reminded me a bit of attending a Punchdrunk performance
  • the lack of music somehow emphasised the relationship between performance are and contemporary dance - indeed I'm now thinking it is a very blurry boundary indeed, and generally a potentially more interesting area for exploring aesthetic expression than quite a lot of more static visual art.

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