Tuesday, 27 November 2012

In Amsterdam: 3 – Rembrandthuis Museum

Overheard in the Rembrandthuis Museum, where I had dropped in to see once again the wonderful Rembrandt etchings:

" more of these stupid etchings….I thought there would be more paintings"

" they are just like pornography"

Three crosses - in its first state (1653)

Three crosses - reworked second state, some years later

I also wanted a quick look at the various objects Rembrandt had collected to use for inspiration – something I have become interested in more since the publication of Érik Desmazières' recent book "A cabinet of rarities", and since visiting Thilo Heinzmann's studio in Berlin, overflowing with unusual objects very neatly arranged. Desmazières also created some etchings specifically for the Museum in 2004 - views of Amsterdam - here

Objects in Rembrandt's studio

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