Thursday, 1 November 2012

MS Adeline

Not really art or music, but I couldn't resist writing about a recent event at which my friend Alice launched a large ship on the Thames.  Technically I think this makes her the ship's "godmother".  She's godmother to my son too.  I wonder if that makes him related to a ship?

MS Adeline waiting to be launched, berthed next to HMS Belfast
On a rather grey day the ship's bunting really stood out.  Rather incongrously hanging from the side of the ship was a ball of flowers, with a bottle of champagne suspended underneath it.

The bottle of champagne is just below the flowery ball.  
Reverend Warren led a prayer; and then Alice blessed the ship by doing something (perhaps a radio control button) that let the champagne bottle swing free and hit the side of the ship.  It broke on the first attempt.
Alice launching the ship. To her right is Revd. Gordon Warren.

MS Adeline then sailed out under Tower Bridge and down the Thames to the sea.

Adeline just fitted.  Shard visible in background

We got as far as the Thames barrier in our pursuing boat, at which point we left her to continue the journey without us.   Bon Voyage, MS Adeline!

Through the Thames barrier and out to the sea.

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